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Afghani Crafts – one of the leading online selling hubs of Afghani handicrafts, handmade artwork, and jewelry.

“Wear different” is our slogan and this is what we believe in. Since we came into being we have always strived for the best quality we can bring to you. We invest heavily in our quality and supporting Afghan experts in their undertaking to exhibit their work to the worldwide crowd.

Afghanistan has consistently had a wide scope of traditional crafts and artworks that have affected the locale and past.

The arts of embroidery and texture crafted works are established in the social and cultural history of Afghanistan. Probably the best models are found on the women’s traditional clothing as the energetic shaded texture is beautified with a wide range of impressive thread work.

Rug and carpet weaving have been essential for Afghanistan’s cultural legacy for hundreds of years. There are alternate examples woven in the various areas and each piece has recounted its own story.

Baluch rugs are a mainstream sort of Afghan carpet, made by people from the Baluch territory in the Western area of Afghanistan by Herat. One prominent element of these rugs is their small size. The Baluch public is nomads, so they make their rugs on versatile weaving machines, prayer rugs measure around 2 feet, by 4 feet. Most Baluch rugs include energetic examples in red, blue, and earthy colored tones and utilize a blend of goat hair and fleece, however, some cutting edge rugs use cotton. Whether you have a hardwood floor, carpet, or tiles with stunning colors and beautiful designs our rugs tie a room together.

The traditional apparel for ladies of Afghanistan is very special and exceptionally wonderful. Its uniqueness depends on the all-around planned weaving that is made by hands. Their dress is long and is made of cotton and comes in various tones with coordinating pants, a headscarf, a tote, and level shoes known as paizar.

We specialize in supplying, unmatchable with price, with great value, hand-sewed Afghan Kuchi dresses to masses all over the globe. Our point is to give a remarkable and lovely design for your next occasion. Regardless of whether it is a wedding, show, a culture day in college, or a social gathering to represent Afghan traditional attire.

Our collection incorporates time-honored traditional Afghan Kuchi dresses, traditional jewelry, handiwork, and antiques. Keeping unmistakable fascination for client’s decisions we are glad to give handicrafts on demand.

You can never feel frump in traditional wear. Traditional dresses will undoubtedly make you stand out.

Traditional Afghani Jewelry is alluring and unique.

Valuable stones and adornments creation are profoundly established in Afghan culture.

We are expanding the receivability of Afghan jewelry matched with worldwide interest for exceptional, handcrafted items adds to a splendid standpoint. Opening this potential will reveal Afghan workmanship and the custom to world business sectors.

Afghan small craftsmen produce handcrafted gems with the least utilization of machines to cut and clean stones and fix them inside a metal system, which is made by hand with traditional tools.

Ancestral and Traditional Jewelry will be gems made by indigenous ancestral craftsmen utilizing neighborhood materials to make objects of embellishment that contain significant cultural meaning for the wearer.

Traditional Jewelry pieces are infrequently uniform fit as a fiddle or precisely even. The materials utilized are those found locally, with substance and quality changing among the various societies, craftsmen, and across time. Much traditional Jewelry has gone the world over from town to town, and age to age – these inconsistencies are essential for its appeal, legacy, and worth.

Afghan bridal dresses hold a rich cultural and ethnic representation. They are handmade with immense hard work and concentration. It takes days to make one bridal dress as they consist of stunning embroidery and mirror work Afghan bridal dresses have a big influence from the Persian tradition. A lot of different materials are used in making these bridal dresses which make them unique and stand out among others. It is a tradition that the bride wears a colored dress like green or blue or a combination of vibrant colors.

Afghan bags are known for their exquisite designs, vibrant colors, and for being handmade with utter hard work. These represent the craftsmanship that has been continued for centuries and is deeply rooted in the culture. These bags are pleasantly hand embroidered, which takes after the exceptional ancestral embroidered aptitudes and their materials designs. Some handbags with specific surfaces are the trademark of Afghan Kuchi tribes. Usually, these bags are utilized as handbags or shoulder sacks. Bags in smaller sizes can be used by people for keeping their coins and notes and so on.

Afghan shoes for both men and women are extremely ethnic and represent a great deal of culture. Each pair is extremely high quality, The weaving, and the leather tanning, and so on are done without machines and mostly by hands.

It is a very laborious task and can take days to make one pair. These sorts of shoes are discovered everywhere in Afghanistan.

Traditionally some fancier Afghan footwear is acclaimed for wedding and Nikah occasions. these items are made light in weight and simple to utilize for everyday use to formal use as well. It is made of wonderful and dependable rexine.

Generally, all women and men in Afghanistan have worn these shoes for centuries.

We are serving our people in Afghanistan, our culture, and language on various stages, the point of our site is to extend our exercises and present our social dresses, wearing handiwork, and adornments to the world and arrive at every individual who has an enthusiasm for multicultural style.

Through our convenient and easy-to-use online shopping store – continually plans to give clients a healthy and secure shopping experience. With joined endeavors and objectives, we plan to convey only the best to every one of our clients

You can browse through our beautiful collections of splendid Afghani craftsmanship and choose what you want to be yours!

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